How to sell on Amazon after being suspended. 100% legal and guaranteed

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A 100% legal, trusted and guaranteed way to sell on Amazon using our Amazon agents service.

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    Get a fully verified Amazon business account (North America + EU) using real agent services

    We work with approved Amazon agents and provide guaranteed account registry services for all marketplaces (North America + EU)

    Amazon is becoming extremely picky about the businesses they want to have on the platform. Registering through our agents makes your account whitelisted and trustworthy.

    We work as approved account registry agents and can ensure guaranteed account registration for your Amazon account.

    This is transparent and guaranteed service. Here’s how it works:

    For first time Amazon sellers:

    1) You get guaranteed and fast account approval

    2) You get whitelisted as a “low risk” business and avoid algorithm suspension risks

    3) You get account support for 12 months after account registration

    4) You will avoid the 50%+ risk of getting your registration rejected/suspended immediately after registration (Section 3/utility bill requests)

    For previously SUSPENDED Amazon sellers:

    1) With your service you can get back to selling on Amazon again. Even if you had a suspended account under your own name/business name.

    2) If you don’t have suspended accounts under your name in the last 365 days – you can get back to selling with our service.

    3) You can get back to selling without buying stealth accounts made under stolen business details.

    You can open a stealth account on a brand new device or clean your current device using Oracle VM or another virtual machine software. Use a new browser to avoid accidentally revealing your browser footprint.You must remove all links to the banned account if you choose not to change devices. Begin the process with the following steps:

    Amazon business account registry process:

    The registry process is extremely easy and quick:

    1) After payment, you will securely submit all your registration details directly to our agent (documents, email, phone)

    2) Amazon official agent will register your account (3-7 business days on average)

    3) You get back to selling on Amazon and start listing your items

    4) If in any case registration was not successful – you will receive a 100% refund.

    5) You get access to bonus services with a discount such as: brand/category ungating, account support, help with suspensions or frozen funds in the future.

    This is the final stage of changing the information used by Amazon to track your device. After that, you are all set to open your stealth account.



    1) Real company under which you want to register (any country)

    2) If the account was previously suspended on Amazon – 365 days need to have passed after it.

    Can I open multiple accounts through your Agency?

    We can register multiple accounts under your name for your different companies. For every account registry you will submit a separate order.

    Can I open multiple acco

    What happens if account can’t be registered?

    If your account can’t be registered on Amazon for any reason, we will issue a full refund immediately. You need to make sure that all the details you are submitting are real, person behind the company can be fully verified (video verification) and you have not been suspended within the last 365 days.

    What’s the difference between registering an account myself?

    Those are the main differences between registering account yourself vs our Agency:

    1. You get guaranteed account approval when using our agency.
    2. Registering an account by yourself has only 10-30% chances of getting approved on Amazon due to large competition and new policy changes where all applications are vetted more strictly. If you’re not a hundred million dollar business, Amazon might just decline to avoid smaller sellers.
    3. If you were suspended on Amazon before – you can never use your personal details to register again. Even if you form a new company. With our service – you get whitelisted and can sell on Amazon again even with previously suspended personal details.
    4. You account is more stable because its registered through approved Amazon Agency.
    5. You get 12-month premium support after the account is registered through us.

    What’s the price of this premium service?

    North America (US, CA, Mexico) – $2499

    Europe (all marketplaces) – $2499


    Our service is guaranteed. But if you don’t get what you have purchased – we will refund 100%.

    You are not paying for an attempt to register account, but for actual result which is fully verified and registered Amazon seller account.

    You only need to make sure you are submitting legit and real documents.

    Service note

    As this service is completely legal and within all policies, we retain our right to choose which applicants we work with.

    Fill out this quick form and our team member will follow-up within few hours.


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