How to Create a Stealth Amazon Account

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The purpose of Amazon’s seller rules is to protect customers and prevent fraudulent activity. The company tracks sellers and permanently bans merchants that break their rules. However, the website is subject to system errors and stringent policies. As a result, some sellers learn to create a stealth Amazon account to get around these issues.

This article explains stealth accounts and how to generate them with an Amazon Seller Central account.

Stealth Account Basics

Sellers are blocked because they violate the Amazon Code of Conduct rules. The policies include matters related to fraud, customer relations, and other seller activities. Enforcement penalties range from listing cancellations to indefinite account closure.

Sellers may appeal to Amazon for reinstatement. The merchant can continue selling if the request is granted. However, Amazon does not reopen all blocked Amazon Central Seller accounts. Therefore, creating a stealth account is the only way prohibited users can get around the ban.

Amazon uses numerous tools to track data associated with seller accounts. They keep the personal and digital information belonging to banned merchants to prevent them from selling again. Merchants that know how to create a stealth Amazon account create brand-new seller identities.

Amazon and Your Digital Identity

To open an account, you need to create a new digital identity. A digital identity is similar to the physical uniqueness that every human possesses. Human identifiers include the way we look, our names, our family, and the people we associate with.

Likewise, our devices contain unique digital characteristics. These consist of usernames, passwords, personal information, and usage patterns. In addition, financial transactions, medical history, and other private information are elements of our digital identities.

Changing your profile name will not prevent Amazon from knowing your true identity. Cross-site data analysis identifies each account user. You need different credentials to generate a new account.

How to Start Generating a Stealth Account

Amazon will ban your new account if it is traced back to you. No link must exist between the blocked account and the new seller account. The following will explain how to create a stealth Amazon account with no resemblance to the banned account.

You can open a stealth account on a brand new device or clean your current device using Oracle VM or another virtual machine software. Use a new browser to avoid accidentally revealing your browser footprint.

You must remove all links to the banned account if you choose not to change devices. Begin the process with the following steps:

  1. Delete all of your browsing history and cookies. You can delete them manually. However, using a cleaner app is the best method.
  2. Change your browser agent string, which identifies the user’s browser and operating system. Modifying the browser strings prevents access to details of your browsing fingerprint. Use the User-Agent Switcher and Manager to make this change.
  3. Get a new, unused residential IP address.

Checking Your IP Address

Sellers that know how to create a stealth Amazon account understand that checking the IP address is vital to the process. Amazon tracks the address of everyone who accesses their site. Check for conflicts between your device and the IP address. You can use Whoer or other sources on the internet.

Your IP address should not indicate that it is black-listed or comes from an anonymizer provider (proxy). Compare other settings for discrepancies between your IP address and device, such as ensuring your time zone matched your IP address location.

The language inputs should reflect the country of your IP address. For example, United States IP addresses contain U.S. languages only. Finally, make sure your anonymity score is 90% or 100%.

This is the final stage of changing the information used by Amazon to track your device. After that, you are all set to open your stealth account.

Using a Residential Proxy to Change Your IP Address

Remember that if Amazon detects your real IP address, you won’t be able to open up a stealth account. For this reason, you need to use a service that has the ability to effectively change your IP address. Generally speaking, many would use a VPN for this. That said, this is not the recommended way.

Instead, the much better option at your disposal is to use a residential proxy. A residential proxy is a type of proxy that can contain one or many IP addresses, and this is provisioned by regional internet service providers.

A residential proxy will effectively hide your real or original IP address and replace it with a suitable one that looks legitimate. A residential proxy will make it look like you reside in the area which you have indicated in your new Amazon stealth account.

Just make sure that the proxy you use provides you with an IP address that matches the address that you have entered for your stealth account. This won’t work if your physical address and the IP address don’t match up.

What is nice about using a residential proxy as opposed to a VPN is that proxies tend to work much faster and therefore allow for faster and more reliable web browsing. There is also the fact that residential proxies are very often free to use, which is certainly not the case with VPNs.

Do I Still Need VPN if I’m Using Residential Service?

Although residential proxies are the recommended method for changing your IP address when making an Amazon stealth account, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider using a VPN in combination with it. Just like two heads are better than one, two layers of security are also better than just one.

First and foremost, although proxies are generally very reliable, they are not 100% perfect. They may fail at any time. If the proxy goes down, particularly while you are using your Amazon stealth account, Amazon will be able to detect your original IP address, in which case they will immediately block and blacklist you again.

If you have a VPN, you can prevent this from occurring. It’s a second layer of anonymity that will prevent Amazon from detecting your true identity.

There is also the fact that if a proxy fails, you may suffer from an IP leak or DNS leak, in which case your sensitive information will be at risk. A good VPN as a backup to your residential proxy can prevent this from occurring.

Entering Your Stealth Account Data

You cannot input any of your personal information into the new account. Instead, create a new digital identity with unused data. Input new private, financial, and seller account information.

Private Information

Ensure that the private information you enter does not belong to a previous Amazon account holder. Amazon will block the account as a duplicate. Submit the name of a real person (other than yourself) in case you need access to verification documentation.

There are two ways to find a new name. First, consider asking permission from a friend or family member to use their name and identity documentation. Or you can register a business name in the U.S., such as a DBA (Doing Business As) or LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Amazon will ask for your birth date and social security number. Enter the information that matches the name you used. For example, if you create a business, you will receive an Employer ID number to use, rather than a social security number.

Your new address must match your IP address location. Use the new identity’s address or consider renting a P.O. Box.

Sellers that teach others how to create a stealth Amazon account suggest buying a legitimate phone number. Amazon identifies Google Voice and other app-based phone numbers as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers. You should pay for a SIM card or purchase an online phone service.

Create a new email that enables you to adjust privacy settings. For example, Gmail disables web beacons in Amazon’s emails, revealing your IP address.

Financial Information

Amazon requires all users to provide a default payment method. Enter one of the following accounts:

  • Bank account. You need a new bank account to make transactions. Open a merchant account with Payoneer, Juni, or another online financial company. Opening a bank account in the name you used (with your new identity’s permission) is an alternative.
  • Credit card. Submit a credit card based in the same region as the stealth account. You can input your card number to see where a card was issued.

Building Your New Seller Account

The data connecting your banned account to your device has been wiped clean, and you have now opened a stealth account with new credentials. At this point, you appear as a new Amazon seller. Slowly begin to build your account.

You can start by creating new titles for your products. Modify your product descriptions. Make sure you change your pricing models. Take new photos of the products that you wish to sell.

You can use images from your previous listing by removing the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data. The EXIF is the trackable data inside pictures taken with a smartphone or digital camera. The information includes the date, time, and location of the image.

Your account activities indicate that you are a genuine new seller. First, build up your browsing history on your account. Then, click various links, read, and browse around the website. These actions make your profile look less risky.

Are Stealth Amazon Accounts Illegal?

Creating a stealth account is a violation of Amazon’s rules and regulations. Amazon will ban your stealth account if you are tracked. However, Amazon’s policies are not laws but private company rules. People agree to them when they open an account.

Make sure you have permission to use someone else’s identity. Do not use your seller account to deceive your buyers. In every jurisdiction in the world, using another person’s name is considered deliberate fraud and is illegal.

How to Protect a Stealth Account

Since you now know how to create a stealth Amazon account, you should learn to keep it open. Don’t assume Amazon has stopped tracking the new account because some time has passed. Amazon regularly updates its multiple account tracer tools. Detection can occur months after opening your new stealth account.

Remain proactive in maintaining your stealth account to keep it protected. Develop and follow regular habits to avoid discovery. For example, pay attention to how you log in to your account. Check your proxies and user profiles before you sign in to avoid the association with a previous account.

Use caution when lending your computer and any digital device to others. Amazon tracks the browser footprints of anyone that uses its servers. Therefore, creating a protected password is a good strategy. This prevents other people from generating an IP address associated with you by logging in to their own Amazon account.

Stay mindful of your selling patterns. Amazon constantly tracks this type of user data. Don’t list many products at once to produce more income to avoid triggering suspicion. Instead, set up more than one stealth account to increase your earnings.

Increase the Life Span of Your Stealth Account

Some sellers create a stealth account to use for a brief period, but your intention might be to sell on Amazon indefinitely. Amazon seller stealth accounts get detected quickly due to carelessness. Be sure to protect your account following the instructions in this guide.

The steps on how to create a stealth Amazon account may seem complicated. However, you will successfully generate a stealth account if you follow them correctly. Then, stay on top of things at all times to keep your seller account open long term.

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