Etsy Stealth Masters Book

Secret and completely legal guide to create unlimited Etsy seller accounts in 2022.

100% working and tested on 1700+ accounts

Written by an actual team of Etsy sellers

Learn how to get EVERYTHING needed to make stealth accounts

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Best part?

Absolutely legally and without spending hundreds of dollars.

Ebook Intro

Now Imagine you could learn all the aspects of creating unlimited Etsy stealth accounts in just couple of hours. And already start creating new accounts successfully the next or even the same day?
What are your options?
Trying to read the articles about creating stealth accounts in google? Just take a look at the content out here (it's a complete joke to be honest).

Use FakeNameGenerator?

That might have worked in 2006. Marketplaces are pouring hundreds of millions per year only to improve their security algorithms and it's on a completely new level now.
Get new identity. Get new IP. Get new bank. Get new credit card.
"Yeah, I already know that"
- you might think,

"But how to ACTUALLY do that?"

That's the answer you are REALLY looking for. Not these elementary level advices taken from the "Book of Common Sense" chapter.
The truth being none of these article writers have opened any stealth accounts in reality nor they understand the principles of how marketplace security algorithms work.


Try Yourself

You can try learning everything by yourself

Test different methods, operational setups, IP providers, credit cards, banks, phone numbers, identity creation methods, listing changing techniques (just mentioning the few), and MAYBE crack the code. We did that ourselves and it took us almost a year to master, not even mentioning the tens of thousands spent and frustrations we dealt with. If that’s the route you want to challenge yourself with, be prepared for a long long way ahead.

Or you could simply learn literally everything it takes to create a dozen of accounts under the same laptop, which can’t be linked together and will take your business to the next level by investing couple of dollars which will save you a lifetime.

In this Etsy Master Guide, you will learn:

1) How to make your identity to open stealth account legally

2) How to make any docs that WORK easily and quickly

2) How browser fingerprinting works and how you can be tracked by Etsy

3) 8 different ways how you can operate multiple stealth accounts without buying new laptops or devices

4) What IP to use and what IP’s NOT to use

5) How to get tens or hundreds of bank accounts under your name legally

6) How to legally get credit cards for accounts from anywhere in the world

7) How to get real phone numbers easily and from anywhere for just 50 cents each

8) Making your listings fully untraceable between multiple accounts and your previously suspended accounts

9) How to warm-up your accounts and don’t get suspended in the beginning


Who we are

Our story

We are a team of e-commerce and operational security specialists, managing 40+ our own Etsy stores at this moment and been doing that consistently for the past 2+ years.

Similarly like you, we are selling items and at some point got suspended without any proper explanation. Selling on Etsy was our main source of income, and we could not afford firing our employees, cancelling office and warehouse and get into debt with our suppliers. We took a fight and decided to figure out a way to continue selling and were successful in winning it. Instead of selling on just a one account, we now do that with 40+ and whenever account gets suspended – we make new ones.

Suspensions are a very common thing nowadays. Account can be shut down completely by mistake and never reinstated back.

Just one of the millions of posts how people lost their businesses in a second.


If this is you, than this "Etsy Master Guide" was written for you specifically.

Who should read it?

  • “Why I am getting suspended every time I open new accounts?”
  • “I want to have more accounts but don’t know how to do that safely?”
  • “I have highly profitable items and need new accounts constantly”
  • “I am searching where to buy Etsy accounts from but can’t find anyone or the ones I found scammed me”
  • “If I could know how to create new unlimited number of accounts I would profit at least 2-3x more. Or even become a millionaire”

Ask yourself

who they are to prevent you from selling and profiting from your hard work?

You are the one to dictate the rules there, not some marketplace algorithm and bots suspending accounts without even looking at them and impacting thousands of sellers, their employees and their families worldwide.

You might be selling high risk items, and that’s up to you completely. No matter what you sell, in the end of the day you are putting your work, efforts, time, taking risks, paying suppliers and possibly employees. The algorithm will not decide whether you can continue selling on Etsy and profit from your work. You will learn how to make new stealth accounts and will continue on.

Dealing with thousands of suspended accounts in the past, we’ve seen it all.

You were suspended without any email notice, and can’t even sign in into your account anymore? Wondering what will happen to your funds, since you can’t even login?

You received a letter that your items are against “house rules” but tens of your competitors are selling exactly the same?

You received a letter that your items are against  “house rules”  but tens of your competitors are selling exactly the same?



Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

Your accounts get banned

You just created an account and it got suspended after 10 minutes. You messaged support and they responded after 3 weeks that account was “comprehensively” reviewed and then shut down.

One of your accounts got suspended, and the other 2 accounts you had were shut down without any notices also?

Your issues get Worse

You already got 4 intellectual property complaints and now Etsy informed its your last one? Should you resume selling? Should you create new account? Will they be linked?

You always manage to create accounts successfully but for some unknown reason all of them are always getting suspended after first 5-10 sales?

Print on Demand crashes

You are selling print on demand products, just connected printify and account got shut down the next day? Was there something wrong with your setup?

You were successfully creating accounts up until April of 2021 when the PayPal was removed from Etsy, and now can’t figure out a way?

relax! We'll help you

There secrets that marketplace security algorithms use against your stealth accounts to figure out what’s going on. And we will teach you how this algorithm works and how you can master it to your advantage.

It’s time to start creating accounts easily, fully legally and at scale. Sell the items you want to sell and dictate the rules. Let them figure out what’s going on while you are calmly profiting from your 10 stealth accounts.

Are you ready to finally master Etsy stealth game and come on top of it?

Good news: you are only 1 click away.

You ask, we answer

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