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Amazon suspensions are common nowadays. Documentation requests, authenticity violations, dropshipping, late shipping, A-Z claims, 3rd party copyright violations you can be hit with any of those and usually at the worst time possible.
Your account is suspended. You enter your suspension reason into google and multiple “appeal specialists”, “Amazon lawyers” appear. With their services ranging usually between $700-3000 you might think: “if it costs that much, it must be really working then”. Some service providers even claim to reinstate your accounts 100% or issue you with a moneyback in case appeal fails.
We have written and delivered over 20,000+ appeals since 2018, and know very well when a suspension case have a chance of being reinstated and when chances are close to zero. We have consulted with ex Amazon seller-performance employees to come up with our success formula and structure. To eliminate the guesswork and writing unique 20,000+ appeals every time, we used our internal appeal structure which ensures that appeals are passing through Amazon appeal reading bots, get’s ACTUALLY reviewed by Amazon representative and has a highest chances of being reinstated.
First of all let me tell you the truth. There is only a set of limited strategies all appeal service companies use and charge you thousands for. There isn’t absolutely anything magical about the appeals that are delivered to you (on top of that making you wait for days) and you can master everything needed to make your own appeals in minutes.
There are 5 core elements EVERY single appeal must have to make sure it has a chance of being reinstated. Without knowing these elements your own appeals are destined to be rejected automatically and get multiple “additional information requests” until account is finally gone.

So what are your options? Paying possible upwards of $1000, waiting for days for an updated appeal version and in the end still losing the account forever.

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Easily learning how appeals are reviewed by Amazon representatives, what are the 5 core elements to make successful appeal and reinstating your account yourself with just an hour of work?
And also get as a bonus:

In this Amazon Killer Appeal Guide, you will learn:

5 Secrets to make your appeal successful

Save thousands of dollars and never pay for appeal services anymore.
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